COVID-19 パンデミック時の手袋装着の手指の消毒★★

Disinfection of gloved hands during the COVID-19 pandemic

J.M. Garrido-Molina*, V.V. Márquez-Hernández, A. Alcayde-García, C.A. Ferreras-Morales, A. García-Viola, G. Aguilera-Manrique, L. Gutiérrez-Puertas

*Protección Civil de la Diputación de Almería, Spain

Journal of Hospital Infection (2021) 107, 5-11




Development and implementation of a national antimicrobial stewardship surveillance system, with open access data sharing

  1. Ashiru-Oredope*, E.L. Budd, A. Doble, E. Cramp, A. Hendrick, S. Hopkins

*Public Health England, UK

Journal of Hospital Infection (2021) 107, 16-22


Risk factors for surgical site infection after pancreatic surgery: a better postoperative antibiotic strategy is possible

  1. Petit*, G. Geri, E. Salomon, M. Victor, F. Peschaud, A. VieillardBaron, X. Repessé

*University Hospital Ambroise Paré, France

Journal of Hospital Infection (2021) 107, 28-34

使用、再使用、廃棄? COVID-19パンデミック時におけるN95マスクの過酸化水素蒸気による汚染除去後の機能的完全性のばらつきの定量化

Use, re-use or discard? Quantitatively defined variance in the functional integrity of N95 respirators following vaporized hydrogen peroxide decontamination during the COVID-19 pandemic

  1. Levine, C. Grady, T. Block, H. Hurley, R. Russo, B. Peixoto, A. Frees, A. Ruiz, D. Alland

*Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, USA

Journal of Hospital Infection (2021) 107, 50-56

クラスター分析によって集中治療室のカテーテル関連尿路感染症リスクを有する患者を特定できる:SPIN-UTI ネットワークによる知見

Cluster analysis identifies patients at risk of catheter-associated urinary tract infections in intensive care units: findings from the SPIN-UTI Network

  1. Barchitta*, A. Maugeri, G. Favara, P.M. Riela, C. La Mastra, M.C. La Rosa, R. Magnano San Lio, G. Gallo, I. Mura, A. Agodi, on behalf of the SPIN-UTI Network

*University of Catania, Italy

Journal of Hospital Infection (2021) 107, 57-63


‘Secondary biofilms’ could cause failure of peracetic acid high-level disinfection of endoscopes

A.B. Akinbobola*, N.J. Amaeze, W.G. Mackay, G. Ramage, C. Williams

*Adekunle Ajasin University, Nigeria

Journal of Hospital Infection (2021) 107, 67-75

血液透析患者におけるβ – ラクタム耐性グラム陰性桿菌の多様なクローンの間欠的保菌の頻度の高さは抗菌薬の過剰使用および異なる感染源を示唆している

High intermittent colonization by diverse clones of β-lactam-resistant Gram-negative bacilli suggests an excessive antibiotic use and different sources of transmission in haemodialysis patients

  1. Salazar-Ospina*, J.M. Vanegas, J.N. Jiménez

*Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia

Journal of Hospital Infection (2021) 107, 76-86

加熱滅菌は、FFP2 および KN95 マスクの大部分のフィルターの性能を劇的に低下させる

Heat sterilization dramatically reduces filter efficiency of the majority of FFP2 and KN95 respirators

J.M.B.M. van der Vossen*, M. Heerikhuisen, R.A.A.L. Traversari, A.L. van Wuijckhuijse, R.C. Montijn

*Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research, The Netherlands

Journal of Hospital Infection (2021) 107, 87-90

ゲノム解析によってスウェーデン・ストックホルムにおけるバンコマイシン耐性エンテロコッカス・フェシウム(Enterococcus faecium)ST80 の別々の伝播クラスターが明らかになった★

Genomic analysis revealed distinct transmission clusters of vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecium ST80 in Stockholm, Sweden

  1. Fang*, I. Fröding, M. Ullberg, C.G. Giske

*Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden

Journal of Hospital Infection (2021) 107, 12-15

長期療養施設において繰り返されるアウトブレイク中のメチシリン耐性黄色ブドウ球菌(meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus;MRSA)のクローンの交代★★

Clonal replacement of meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus during repeated outbreaks in a long-term care facility

  1. Cohen*, M. Afraimov, T. Finn, F. Babushkin, K. Geller, H. Alexander, S. Paikin

*Sanz Medical Center, Laniado Hospital, Israel

Journal of Hospital Infection (2021) 107, 23-27